What we do with our ingredients is where our chef-roots show. We spend months perfecting our menu, not just because we want them to taste great but because a MoonRabbit bowl is more than just a bunch of ingredients tossed together. It should be a well-balanced meal that you can eat every day.


Warm grains of Japanese White Rice drizzled with Teriyaki dressing and topped with tenderly grilled Unagi, accompanied by refreshing Edamame, light & fluffy Tamago, plus shredded Nori for that extra crunch and served with a Sous Vide Egg that’s cooked to perfection.

MoonRabbit OSAKA

Wild-caught Salmon marinated with Miso accompanied by Cold Soba noodles, an ensemble of juicy Cherry Tomatoes & protein-rich Purple¬†Sweet Potatoes, with shredded crispy Nori, a side of Soba Sauce and topped with a Sous Vide Egg that’s velvety & satisfying.

MoonRabbit SEOUL

Fluffy grains of Brown Rice topped with tender & juicy Smoked Duck, a side of slightly spicy yet tangy pickled Kimchi, some robust and sweet Cherry Tomatoes, sprinkled with roasted Almond slices & Okaka Furikake for that extra umami and served with a Sous Vide Egg that oozes out like molten lava when broken apart.

MoonRabbit CHENGDU

Warm fluffy grains of Japanese White Rice crowned with the fiery & delicious Mala marinated Salmon, accompanied by Roasted Baby Potatoes, a side of juicy and refreshing Cherry Tomatoes, sprinkled with umami-packed Okaka Furikake and served with a soft & smooth Sous Vide Egg.

MoonRabbit TOKYO

Perfectly grilled skewers of Chicken Yakitori drizzled with a glace of Teriyaki Sauce, with warm grains of Japanese White Rice, fresh Edamame for a bit of crunch, a bunch of sweet & juicy Cherry Tomatoes, crispy shredded Nori, topped with a velvety Sous Vide Egg and a dash of Okaka Furikake for a flavourful end note.


Grilled yet juicy Chicken Breast with a mixture of refreshing and crunchy Salad Lettuce, some zesty Mandarin Orange slices, a bunch of sweet juicy Cherry Tomatoes, sprinkled with rich in antioxidants Dried Cranberries and served with a soft & slighty runny Sous Vide Egg.